Tuesday, 17 August 2010

13:59 BST - ES Update: 60 min chart

ES on the 60 min chart has been moving up since yesterday's afternoon low, within a new upward fork. Its just reached the upper line of the red downward fork that delineated the drop from the recent highs, so this may provide at least temporary resistance:
ES 60 min:

To confirm more upside, we need to break above the red fork's upper line and get towards the upper line of the green fork. We're above the moving averages and the cloud, so things are aligned for more upside. 

The only worrying thing is that as of now, the Dow futures have failed to make a new overnight high along with ES. That's often not a good sign. It may work itself out, but if not, it may be a warning of a possible failed gap up to come when the cash markets open.