Tuesday, 6 July 2010

16:25 BST SPX Update

I've been following 5 Counts for the move down from 1131.23, but I've now dropped what was Count 2 which had an extending 5th wave containing 3 nested ones and twos within it. That's because it had reached the same position as the labelling I was showing for Count 3 which was an extending 5th wave but with only 2 nested ones and twos within it. So, that leaves 4 counts for the decline from 1131.23 (what was Count 3 is now Count 2, but I've left the other Counts numbered as before to avoid confusion if looking back in the archives).

Here are the charts for each of the counts:

Count 1 5 min chart:

Count 2 5 min chart:

Count 4 10 min chart:

Count 5 10 min chart:

You can see that on all the Counts we are at resistance. For Count 1, this may only be a temporary stopping point. For the other Counts it may be more likely to halt the retracement, but let's see.