Tuesday, 28 September 2010

21:43 BST - SPX End of Day Update

On the 3 Options set out on the 60 min counts page, I'm still looking for the end of 5 waves up from the August low  to mark the end of minor 2 (or (i) of [c] of 2) on Option 1, the end of wave X on Option 2 or the end of wave [i] of C (or (i) of [iii] of A) on Option 3.

Please refer to the 60 counts page for context.

Taking out the high at 1149.92 means that the count in the chart I posted earlier, or some variation of it, looking for further upside is playing out. The question is how much further upside.

Here's the bigger picture for the move up from the August low (labelled as if Option 3 is playing out):

Chart 1: SPX 1 min - 5 waves up from the August low:

If wave (iv) is correctly placed at the 1122.79 low, then there could be a good deal of potential upside to come, though if the diagonal possibility I mentioned when I posted this chart earlier is playing out, it may be more limited.

You'll see I've got an alternate labelling for wave (iv) at the 1132.09 low. Even on this labelling, however, the upside could be substantial.

For these counts, they really need to stay above the wave [2] low at 1141.22. Taking it out would cast doubt on them. Taking out the low at 1132.09 would seriously call the main labelled count into question and would invalidate the alternate labelled count. Taking out the low at 1122.79 would invalidate the main labelled count altogether.

If 1132.09 is the wave (iv) low its possible that we might be seeing an ending diagonal form from there which may have less upside potential. Here's that possibility on a close up chart from the 1122.79 low (this chart is labelled as if Option 1 is playing out):

Chart 2: SPX 1 min - 5 waves up from the August low close up: 

You can see the potential diagonal shown by the green lines. I've put on tentative labels for the diagonal, but we may only have seen the 1st wave rather than waves i, ii and iii of it. If we did complete wave iii at today's high, then wave iv must stay above the dotted green line, otherwise, the diagonal that I've drawn in is off the table. 

Having said all of that, there is a count that may have a top in at today's high or not too far above, as shown on the following chart: 

Chart 3: SPX 1 min - top of 5 waves from August low in at 1150:

Taking out 1132.09 would give some credence to this count. 
So, the levels I'm watching are now 1141.22, 1132.09 and 1122.79.