Tuesday, 7 September 2010

14:26 BST - Dollar Update

The dollar looks like it may have completed a 3 wave move off the high of 83.522 at yesterday's low of 81.876 - not far off the 50% retracement level mentioned in my last post.

Here's a 60 min chart:

You can see that even on this time frame we appear to have 5 waves up from that low. If we're starting wave (iii) up then holding the low is, of course, crucial, so that's the level to watch for now. 

We need a controlled 3 wave pullback, at which point, I'll be thinking long with a stop below the low of the pullback or the low at 81.876. With the risk of more downside outlined in my last post, I wouldn't want to give this too much room at this stage.