Wednesday, 15 September 2010

10:28 BST - Dollar Update

The risk of further downside referred to in my last update on the dollar (which you can read here) in the absence of impulsive upward movement to confirm a low, played out once again, negating the count that assumed the start of wave (iii).

Here's the 120 min chart showing the labelling for the decline from the June high:

Dollar 120 min:

The bearish count is that the June high was intermediate wave (1) up, and the August low was intermediate wave (2). The rally since is the start of intermediate wave (3) up,

However, note the bearish alternative, which is one of the bearish possibilities outlined on the dollar page.

I've relabelled the 60 min chart to reflect the move since Monday. The bullish count therefore, is that a wave (ii) correction of the rally from the August low at 80.085 is continuing:

Dollar 60 min:

The retracement in wave (ii) has now reached the 70.7% level. You can see on this chart and on the 120 min chart above, that the decline looks like 3 waves. If it did bottom at 80.997, then wave y is about a 1.236 extension of wave w. The move off the low at 80.997, which I've tentatively labelled as wave (ii), is starting to look impulsive. 

However, there remains the risk that the decline from 82.987 is 5 waves and would be only wave [A] of y and we would now be in wave [B] before a further decline in wave [C], perhaps to the 78.6% retracement level.

This risk would only be ruled out if we take out the high at 82.987 in 5 waves. If it happens in only a 3 wave move, there's a risk that even if  the decline from that high is only 3 waves as labelled, all we're seeing is an expanded flat for wave y, where wave [B] takes out the start of wave [A] and then a decline in wave [C] follows just when it seems that the decline is over.

As I've said above, the move up from the 80.997 low is starting to look impulsive, but at present it counts best as 3 waves as labelled. If this labelling is correct, the next decline would be wave (4) so it would have to stay above the wave (1) high at 81.094 for this labelling to remain valid. Taking out that high on the next decline would be a good sign that further downside may be on the cards. It would certainly look best if this assumed wave (4) retraced only to the area of wave 4 of (3) at about 81.466 on this labelling. That's at about the 38.2% retracement level assuming a wave (3) high at 81.767 (I haven't labelled this yet). If we decline much below that in wave (4), I'd start to get suspicious of this move up as an impulse in the making.

If we get a wave (4) and (5) to complete 5 waves up from the low at 80.997, the next thing to watch for is a 3 wave decline that stays above that low. A move below that low will negate the assumption made for this labelling that wave (ii) bottomed there.

So, the three levels I'm watching for now are 81.446, 81.094 and 80.997.