Thursday, 9 September 2010

17:52 BST - SPX Update: 60 min time and price chart

Here's a 60 min time and price chart showing the timelines from the daily, but using Gann price levels based on the 1039.70 August low (the levels on the daily chart were based on the July low):

SPX 60 min - time and price:

You can see that there are some nice divergences on the indicators, which would support a wave count that puts us in the vicinity of a high if we didn't top at 1110.27.

Assuming we did top at today's high, I've calculated some Gann based price targets that may attract price on the way down. Watching price behaviour around those levels (assuming we get to any of them!) might provide a clue as to whether the bullish or bearish counts are playing out. 

If its the bullish counts, then I'd like to see price find support somewhere around the 1077 and 1060 levels and show action suggesting a turn back up. If its the bearish counts, I'd like to see price fall easily through the 1093 level and hesitate only slightly at the 1077 level, but then move quickly down to the lower levels and to below the August low.